It sounds like a truism, but the economy works best when there is price stability — when inflation is low, stable and predictable. This is because people and businesses are better able to plan how they save, spend and invest, which are needed to help the economy to grow.

Even when global markets are increasingly volatile and economies fluctuate, Singapore’s monetary-policy framework continues to remain effective in maintaining price stability here. 

Innovation is the key to sustained economic prosperity. Beyond the production of greater output and higher productivity levels, innovation can also lead to a higher quality of living (through wage increase, and job satisfaction levels) as well as social benefits such as inclusion.  However, the journey towards innovation-based growth is not an easy one and countries today are facing the extra hurdle of overcoming the challenges caused by the global pandemic, rising inflation rates and climate change.  

By now, dire prognostications about the economic impact of Covid-19 have been repeated so widely and often that the world is already braced for a tough road ahead.

Governments around the world need to persist with extraordinary fiscal and monetary measures if they are to succeed in mitigating the economic fallout from the Covid-19 outbrea

The global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus has impacted all aspects of global supply chains; from the supply of raw materials and the availability of labour to the transp