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SMU City Perspectives challenges what we know about pressing issues that impact our cities. Here, you'll find bold ideas and insights into Digital Transformation, Sustainable Living and Growth in Asia from leading researchers and experts. Get inspired and discover solutions that will help you drive more impact.

Our Story

Launched in 2021, City Perspectives (CP) puts a spotlight on contemporary issues and initiatives that impact our cities. It showcases the key work of SMU's faculty that supports the University's three strategic priorities of Digital Transformation, Sustainable Living and Growth in Asia and positions it as a thought leader in issues that matter to the city.

City Perspectives is a hub of multi-disciplinary content that discusses concepts and theories in the VUCA world, and inspires solutions to bring about impactful change. Content is curated in various formats which include articles, videos and podcasts to engage its audience, and presented under six exciting themes: A New Web 3.0 Era, Tech and Society, Making Green Moves, On Being Human, Next Silicon Valley, and Asia Unwrapped.

Why our content is credible

Purpose: City Perspectives was set up with the objective of sharing SMU's research and expertise in areas and issues related to cities. It aims to be the destination of choice for thought leadership and practical insights into trending topics, matters and challenges of global importance. Through this knowledge sharing, SMU in turn aims to make meaningful impact on economy, society and polity.

Content Accuracy: CP content is always verified with information sources before publication. Where primary sources are unavailable, CP uses secondary sources to ensure factual accuracy. Where relevant, information sources are credited within its articles or multimedia content.

Corrections Policy: CP will correct any error promptly. Readers can email to report an error or factual inaccuracy.

Permissions: All individuals featured on CP by way of a quote, picture or video have given permission to CP in writing. CP will not publish without seeking prior consent from the individuals.

Reader Engagement: CP welcomes reader's viewpoints and feedback. Please participate in the reaction for each article, share the article on social media or provide your comments if you wish to. Email to share a story idea or express your interest to collaborate with CP.