As digital currents reshape how we work, play and live, organisations must navigate the tide of change to stay relevant and robust. The term ‘digital transformation’ is used to describe the journey these businesses take in adapting and adopting digital technologies to continue creating value for their customers, but the steps to achieving this ‘transformation’ have generally been undefined, leaving each industry, sector and business to come up with their own interpretation of the process.   

Virtual Reality, a computer-generated simulation of physical environments, is not an idea out of a science fiction film, but a current reality we are living in. With the prevalence of devices like the Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus Rift, VR experiences have become widely accessible through smart devices and video game consoles. Different industries have begun exploring the use of VR technology in their fields.

Sejak diluncurkan pada November 2020, ChatGPT telah menjadi topik perbincangan hangat di kalangan teknologi, media berita, dan masyarakat umum. Bentuk baru dari teknologi chatbot AI ini telah membuka pintu untuk berbagai kemungkinan baik untuk para individu maupun bisnis-bisnis, namun turut menimbulkan persoalan etika dan memicu kontroversi di seluruh dunia.

Social skills remain an advantage for analysts as AI cannot initiate personal interactions and engage in any form of teamwork that needs communication.

With the rise of the use of robot-analysts and AI tools to guide investment-making decisions, is the job of a financial analyst in question? Not the least - if they are socially connected on LinkedIn, have an MBA degree and have spent some years in the profession.

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Last updated 13 July, 2023