Data analytics has transformed video marketing, replacing traditional methods like focus groups and surveys with a more comprehensive and data-driven approach. In a survey titled ‘Marketing in a Post-Covid Era’, the CMO survey (September 2022) found that nearly half of its respondents relied on analytics to shape marketing decisions (as opposed to 38 per cent before the pandemic) while 63.3 per cent studied online consumer behaviour.

Student Evaluation of Teaching, or SET, is commonly used in higher education as feedback for course instructors’ performance. Students rate their teachers quantitatively, scoring their performance on a numerical scale on questions such as “Teacher is prepared for class” and “I have learnt a lot from this teacher”.

One vision of smart cities is to exploit mobile devices to collect information, extract knowledge, and make decisions about the citizens and their living environment to provide i

The NRF Investigatorship grant will support SMU Professor Archan Misra’s vision of a smart city where humans and devices work collaboratively on projects.

SMU Professor Archan Misra has received a National Research Foundation (NRF) Investigatorship grant to develop new capabilities in ultra-low power sensing and embedded machine intelligence, which can catalyse innovative applications in smart cities, factories and buildings.

Assistant Professor Richard Crowley from SMU’s School of Accountancy examines financial accounting using both archival and analytical methods for his research.

Artificial intelligence can be integrated into transportation and security systems to improve our quality of life.
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SMU PDLS: Prof Subbarao Kambhampati | Lecture and Q&A on 2 Apr 2019