Assistant Professor Aidan Wong from SMU’s School of Social Sciences discusses the value of electronic waste recycling and sustainability in Singapore.
The integrative potential of religion in Singapore
Associate Professor Winston Chow from SMU's School of Social Sciences discusses the continued economic growth of a city by adopting sustainable urban development measures.

At the core of every family business is the need to nurture an enduring legacy for future generations. But besides maintaining a financially viable business that thrives across several generations, family business leaders are also bestowed with the responsibility of creating sustainability in every sense of the word.

From income losses and social distancing to interruptions in healthcare provision, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the lives of many around the world.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented devastation across the world. Lives and jobs have been lost, the healthcare sector has been stretched thin, and a shared sense of loneliness and despair has rippled across the globe. Yet, as a community, we have not suffered equally.

When both the rich and the less privileged had to undergo lockdowns and fell ill last year, many thought that Covid-19 would serve as a much-needed equaliser. But as the crisis quickly unfolded, deep inequalities within our society were brought to light.

There is a reason why engineers and designers provide machines with the semblance of friendliness, but it takes more than that to establish trust between AI and humans.

I was at Promenade MRT Station waiting to travel to work, when my attention was drawn to a little boy pointing at a cleaning robot moving in my direction. It was making comforting gurgling noises, its eyes were blinking gently and soft music accompanied its movements.

"Look at its smiley face!" said the boy and we all boarded the driverless train without a worry.

SMU welcomed Mr Amit Midha, President of Asia Pacific & Japan and Global Digital Cities at Dell Technologies, as the first keynote speaker of the Presidential Distinguished Lecturer Series (PDLS) of 2021 held at SMU Hall on 31 March.

SMU President Professor Lily Kong hosted the hybrid event which was attended by close to 350 SMU students, staff and faculty, polytechnic and junior college students, and teachers, as well as government, media and industry representatives.