SMU International Advisory Council Virtual Dialogue: The Decisive Decade of the 2020s

Jul 15

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for strategic disaster preparedness and innovation plans across public and private sectors, with many businesses seeking to embed organisational resilience in the face of crisis and acknowledging the pressing risks of climate change.

But the drive towards more sustainable business practices isn't a recent phenomenon. Investors and financial institutions have been inching in support of businesses that demonstrate positive environmental, social and governance practices. And calls for a more diversified, fossil fuel-free supply chain have prompted differing country investment in renewable energy, particularly in manufacturing regions like Asia. In what has been deemed the decisive decade of the 2020s, how might these new sustainability trends impact the who, what, where, why and how of business in Asia?

Moderator and Panellists

Prof Arnoud De Meyer, University Professor, SMU (Moderator)
Mr Koh Tuck Lye, Founding Partner & CEO, Shunwei Capital Partners and Member, IAC China
Mr Le Hong Minh, Chairman and CEO, VNG, and Member, IAC Vietnam
Mr Michael P. Liwanag, Senior Vice President, Investor Relations and Chief of Staff to the CEO, JG Summit Holdings Inc.