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Zimu Zhou

Zimu Zhou is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science and a Lee Kong Chian Fellow. He is the Coordinator of BSc (CS) Cyber-Physical Systems Track, School of Computing and Information Systems. His research focuses on Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing and Embedded Machine Learning. His current research topics include Model Compression for On-device Inference & Training, Personalized Federated Learning and Spatial Queries over Data Federation.

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  • Digital Transformation

Let's say if you want a self-driving car, a personal drone, or a home robot, these applications are expected to perceive, understand, and react to the user and the environment in real time, anywhere and anytime, even when there is no network connection. That is why you need to put all the sensing, computing, and the decision making on one single device.

Zimu Zhou, Exploiting mobile devices to provide better smart city services