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Steve Miller

Steve Miller is Professor Emeritus of Information Systems and former Vice-Provost (Research) at Singapore Management University. His research focuses on AI applications and impacts and Human-Machine symbiosis and hybrid intelligence. Prior to joining SMU, Professor Miller held senior positions in technology, management and consulting with Fujitsu Ltd in both Japan and the United States; RWD Technologies in the United States; and IBM Global Services where he was Chief Architect Executive for Business Innovation Services, Asia Pacific.

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Stop thinking about AI as this ‘magic thing’ and get back to your basic problems. Nearly anything that you'll want to do with digital technology and IT will involve the use of AI methods to enhance what previously could be done. If you approach it with a clear-eyed, sensible approach like that, and not focus on AI sophistication for its own sake, you will make good progress.

Steve Miller, AI in the workplace: First steps for making organisations future-ready