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Liang Hao

Liang Hao is an Associate Finance Professor at SMU, holding the BNP Paribas Fellowship and DBS Sustainability Fellowship. He is also an extramural fellow of Tilburg University. His research interests include sustainable finance, impact investing, corporate finance and governance. He has published in prestigious academic journals, including the Journal of Finance, Financial Economics, International Business Studies, Management Science, Organization Science, and Journal of Business Venturing. He is also the Section Editor (Finance & Business Ethics) of the Journal of Business Ethics. In addition, Assoc Prof Liang is the recipient of the Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability Emerging Scholar Award in 2020.

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Not only corporations, governments and NGOs, but major asset owners and asset managers are increasingly aware of ESG issues, and they demand for more responsible investment.

Liang Hao, Sustainable Finance and 3 tips for navigating Greenwashing