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Fiona Williamson

Fiona Williamson serves as an Associate Professor of Environmental History; Associate Dean (Undergraduate Education); and Basket Coordinator for Technology & Society at Singapore Management University. Her research focuses on the environmental history of Singapore, British Malaya, and Hong Kong, the history of the climate, climate change and extreme weather and climate and its impact on colonial cities. She is especially interested in how the weather has shaped culture and society; inter-disciplinary projects with scientists and geographers on the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect, the recovery of historical observational weather data for climate modelling, and the history of nature-induced disasters in Asia. 

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Historical analysis gives us a deeper insight into the socio-economic-political dynamics that cause some communities to be more vulnerable to floods than others. We can then apply these lessons to the present and future.

Fiona Williamson, Learning from the past: Enhancing flood resilience in Southeast Asia