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Cheng Chi-Ying

Cheng Chi-Ying is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Advisor of IRB at Singapore Management University. She received her PhD in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Her research examines how individuals negotiate their multiple social identities and reap the benefit of intra-personal diversity from various types of identity integration. Her research investigates identity integration of multiple self, cultural, racial, gender, and professional identities. The program of her identity integration research demonstrates the cognitive mechanisms underlying individuals’ identity management strategies as well as outcomes of identity integration including creativity.

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Our findings suggest that when young men and women join Information Systems programmes, they already have formed ideas about their gender and professional identity, as well as how compatible those identities would be. Therefore, any chance of shaping their G-PII must be done earlier than the college age.

Cheng Chi-Ying, Embracing femininity in STEM: Understanding how women can thrive in male-dominated industries